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Quebec Allows Car Permit Holders to Drive the Campagna T-REX and V13R Three-Wheelers


by Marc Cantin ,

The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) has just announced that holders of automobile (Class 5) driving permits are now allowed to drive the Campagna T-REX or V13R three-wheel vehicles. In the past, a driver/rider needed a motorcycle (Class 6) permit to operate these machines.


In the absence of information from the SAAQ to the contrary, the Class 6 requirement still applies to the Can-Am Spyder, another model with two wheels in front, and the Harley-Davidson Tri Glide as well as other converted motorcycles, all with the single wheel in front and a central motorcycle seat.

Campagna and it's dealers are happy with this ruling, as acquisition of the motorcycle permit is a lengthy process in Quebec, and it requires that students actually ride a motorcycle, precisely what some prospective three wheeler owners want to avoid.

Given it's 190+ horsepower, the T-REX is sure to please performance-oriented rider, and features a tubular top structure, windshield and safety belts for added safety. This similarity to automobile equipment contributed to this loosening of the rules and will certainly make it easier to sell the $50,000 machine in Quebec.

The manufacturer expects to sell over 200 units in 2009, more than double the total sales from previous years, through a re-developed North-American and Asian distributor network, as well as in Europe after securing homologation there later in 2009.


Photo Credit : Philippe Champoux, Campagna