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Man and his toy - Guy Giroux on his BMW G450X


by Guy Giroux

Now let's talk about the last round at Parry Sound. I got there with no problem, well almost no problem, as after 4 hrs on the road, my stupid leg nerve was too painful to keep driving, so Flexi became the driver for the rest of the way to our destination: The Wall Mart Inn!  Next morning I went shopping for stronger Advil, and off to walking the test I went. The Endurocross test was really similar to the World Enduro Championship race held there last year, as was the Extreme Enduro test, while the Enduro test was really tight and brand new. Saturday morning I was off and ready to fight, and all my tests were ok on the first lap. On the second lap I screwed my whole day, as I crashed in the Enduro test, getting my bike really jammed, with the front wheel and fender stuck in a tree, and my peg between roots... I had to lift my bike up and out from between the trunks, and then pull it backwards about three feet. I lost about a minute and wasted a lot of energy...  So the rest of the day was spent catching up, with a great final lap, so that I finished 3rd in E2, and 6th overall. That stupid mistake cost me a lot...

Sunday morning I was feeling really good, went to look the extreme test and found a few good lines. After talking to one other pro, I found out that a few guys were doubling two sand dunes at the end of the Enduro test!!!!    So on the first Enduro test, I was really careful where I went tree climbing the day before, rode good but not aggressive, but I did clear that double... Every other test was also mistake free, but I felt I could be more aggressive!!!

"More rock, disguised as dirt. At least rear wheel traction is good!"

On the second lap, I was in a more aggressive mood, but at the finish of the Enduro test as I was gonna shift in third to clear the double, I could not find the shifter.....  At the finish I looked down, and the shifter was gone, and not just the shifter, the shaft too....  I went back to the transfer section, and began to think about my option.

The choice was easy. I had to score a lot of points so I kept riding. The next test went smoothly, as I felt like I had no more pressure. I even score the best Enduro cross test stuck in second...  I did hit the rev limiter a few times...   I also had a great final Extreme test.  Enough to finish in 2nd place in E2, and 4th overall.

After the trophy presentation, we all went for dinner, 8 of the top pro all sitting at the same table bench racing!!!! 

Monday was spent driving back, and today I was already training for the endurocross at the Supermotocross Montreal. Wednesday is press conference day, and then more training at my new track....

I will keep you posted on developments next week......

Photo Credit : Guy Giroux
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