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Great news for Harley-Davidson fanatics



Navistar launches a special truck model with a Harley-Davidson flavour

Like most fanatics, you are not ashamed to show the world your love of The Motor Company. Or, your pick-up is running out of steam while dragging the trailer you use to move your precious Harley around. Either way, Navistar has just announced the answer to your dilemma, if not your prayers: the « Harley-Davidson Special Edition » tractor truck, complete with suitable paint job and classic accessories straight from Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee.

Stopping at nothing, Navistar will also sell you unique accessories so that you may personalize your truck, just like you did your cruiser - talk about a complete package!

After the Ford Pick-ups with H-D decoration, here is another major manufacturer who wants to increase his exposure by associating with the American motorcycle market leader. The marketing geniuses (I mean it!) at Harley really know how to create synergy and benefit from the work and budgets of others, to increase their exposure in the American market place - a win-win deal for both parties.

Photo Credit : Navistar