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Ghost Rider giving his Hayabusa away



If you’re into motorcycles, you know about the Ghost Rider. No, we’re not talking about Marvel’s famous antihero created in 1972 nor Nicolas Cage’s character in the eponymous film released in 2007.

Nope, this Ghost Rider is a Swedish dude who has no less than five DVDs featuring death- and law-defying stunts, including ridiculous speeding violations, 300 km/h wheelies and police baiting.

Photo: Ghost Rider's Hayabusa/

For once, the mysterious man known worldwide for his extraordinary cool (or idiocy, you choose) isn’t making the news for his latest two-wheel antics.

We learned today that he’ll be giving away his famous 499 hp turbocharged Hayabusa away in a lottery. Has the daring rider decided to move on to something else? Could he have realized that if you keep knocking on death’s door, someone’s bound to answer someday?

Hard to say.

We’ve included a video for those of you unfamiliar with the Ghost Rider’s work. We figure we don’t need to tell you not to try this at home.

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