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A flying motorcycles within 3 years?


by Josée Paquet

Aerofex, a Californian company, chose the desert to unveil their 2-seater 2 wheeled Aero-X prototype. This « utility vehicle » flies 3.7 meters above ground and can reach a maximum speed of 72 km/h. The Aero-X could be available as early as 2017 for a price hovering around 65,000 euros (about $95,000).

« We imagined it as a useful tool for farmers, ranchers, rangers or boarder patrol officers. » explained Mark De Roche in an interview for Le Parisien magazine. The Aero-X could also be useful for pipeline inspections or for recovery operations after a natural disaster. A fleet of flying motorcycles could easily be transported from place to another in a commercial plane.

The first generation Aero-X has yet to launch and already Aerofex is talking about the next generation Aero-X is already being developed. It will be motivated by hydrogen electric or plasma powered engine. Therefore, the next Aero-X will not produce any CO2 emissions. In the meantime and once available, buyers will have to make due with a noisy gas powered version.
Will traffic congestion be a thing of the past with the next few decades? Possibly but let’s take it one step at a time.

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