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Campagna Motors reborn in new assembly plant - T-Rex in production, new V13R coming! (video)


by Marc Cantin ,

A reborn Campagna Motors invited us to the new assembly plant, located in Boucherville, near Montreal, Canada. The new-generation T-Rex, now featuring a Kawasaki ZX-14R powertrain, will be joined by the all-new V13R later this year. Production is expected to reach four vehicles a day in 2010.

The new V13R, expected to hit the market in late 2010.

Campagna Motors President André Morissette was thrilled by how much his team has achieved. “The T-Rex as we are building it today is an exciting, high performance machine that will appeal to enthusiasts in America, as well as in Europe and Japan. With almost 200 hp on tap, the T-Rex provides more performance and excitement than cars costing three times as much. And with three wheels and an integrated roll cage, the T-Rex provides a degree of comfort and stability unmatched by any two or three wheel vehicle.”

With more and more states and countries classifying the T-Rex as a car, buyers will only require a standard automobile driving permit, increasing the appeal and marketability of the machine.

A more complete road and track test will appear here next week.

The already famous T-Rex, now with the all-conquering Kawasaki ZX-14 powertrain, and a level of performance that surprises racers as well as experienced automotive writer.

Photo Credit : Matthieu Lambert