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Yamaha introduces world's first nano-engineered watercraft hulls



Yamaha USA yesterday introduced a new line of nano-engineered personal watercraft hulls, decks and liners made from a revolutionary new proprietary material which they've called NanoXcel.

2008 Yamaha FX SHO

Created using an environmentally sound, high-compression injection molding system, Yamaha says the material considerably increases performance by reducing weight by some 25% while allowing the creation of products by exploiting a range of new technologies which are on the cutting edge of engineering.

The new hulls, decks and liners were first shown fitted to Yamaha's new SHO and HO WaveRunners at a worldwide dealer conference in Florida on Monday. Yamaha officials are excited at the technological advancement represented by NanoXcel, as it represents a huge manufacturing achievement.

Not only as the material 25% lighter than before, but it's also significantly stronger too. Additionally, it's the industry's first significant development in hull and deck composition in many years, and it begins a new era of technological advancements aimed at increasing comfort and performance levels as demanded by a new generation of ever more discerning boat buyers.

"Consumers will instantly be able to feel the difference provided by NanoXcel. The lighter weight material, with its remarkably smooth finish, is more nimble and agile in the water than anything else we've sold," says Mark Speaks, president of Yamaha Watercraft Group. "We will be continuing our pursuit of advanced technologies wherever we can find real benefit to the consumer."

2008 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO

Photo Credit : Yamaha