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WSBK: Fabien's steady start


by Flagworld

Team Alstare Corona news

source: Kel Edge Photography

Valencia tests, February 6th, 2006
Conditions: Dry, sunny

Team Alstare Corona + Suzuki Italia rider Fabien Foret took things  steadily on his first outing on the Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 at  Valencia today. The last time Fabien rode a Superbike was nearly five  years ago,  so he used the time today to get to know the bike and  gradually build up his confidence. It was also a huge learning   experience for his team of mechanics, because this GSX-R1000 is   totally an 'Alstare' creation. The bike itself is an over-the-counter  bike that anybody can buy with the  addition of an Alstare designed  swinging arm, top fork yokes, petrol tank and other small cosmetic  parts. The Ohlins front forks and rear shock are also available to  anybody and the whole package has been put together  by Bruno Bailly  and the rest of the Alstare mechanics. Fabien didn't put in any  dramatic lap times today, but that was down to the fact that a lot of   work understanding the bike has to be done before he can start  finding his, and the bike's limit.

Fabien (best lap 1:38.7)
Well this was my first time on the bike and I'm pretty happy how it  all went today. I even managed to feel a bit relaxed on it towards  the end  of the day. Each time I went out, the feeling improved and I  am  beginning to understand the big differences between it and a 600.  The GSXR has so much more torque and engine braking and it is very   different to the bikes I've been riding the past five years or so.  Everything happens so fast! It would be an easy bike to crash, so I  took things fairly steadily and tried to work with the bike. But, I  can tell you, that already I'm having fun!

Fabien Foret (Alstare Suzuki Corona + Suzuki Italia)1.38''7