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Top 10 Places to Ride During Winter


by Alexandra Straub ,

If you look out your window and see frost or snow, chances are your motorcycle is tucked away for the winter months.

It’s a tough time for riding enthusiasts.

But just because your baby is hibernating, that doesn’t mean you can’t get out and ride. Here are 10 places to beat the winter blues atop a bike.

Photo: Harley Davidson

No. 10

Phoenix happens to be one of my favourite cities in the United States. It’s not because I golf, but because there is a lot of great on- and off-road riding to be done.

The weather is ideal over the winter months, and it’s a state where you can be in a metropolitan area in the morning and riding around the Grand Canyon by the afternoon.

Not to mention the Sonoran Desert, which is incredibly beautiful.

Furthermore, there isn’t a shortage of places to join up with a group or rent bikes.
Check out

No. 9

Three words: Pacific Coast Highway.

If riding alongside the fantastic Pacific Ocean is what you’re after, perhaps a trip to Southern California is in your winter plans.

Disclaimer, the PCH doesn’t run alongside the ocean the entire state of California. It’s actually a series of interconnected highways that comprise this scenic route.

If you’re up for an even more exhausting adventure, consider riding some waves (via a surfboard) at one of their many famous surfing beaches.

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No. 8

Even if you’re not heading to the Sunshine State during Daytona Bike Week, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy riding in Florida.

There’s plenty to check out when you’re down there, like the nightlife in South Beach, and perhaps the Everglades.

Some of the routes are long and flat, offering little eye candy, but when you get to the parts with road-lined willows and greenery taken from a painting, it’ll all be worth it.

Check out

No. 7
Las Vegas

You don’t have to be big into gambling to experience the beautiful -- and always illuminated -- city of Las Vegas. In fact, just a few miles up the road, you can find yourself in Red Rock Canyon riding along some twisties, surrounded by red rocks and rock climbers!

You don’t even need to leave the comfort of the pavement to do it either. Take a full-day cruise or ride alongside the desert, the world is your oyster.

Check out

No. 6
Southern Spain

About an hour northeast of Malaga, you’ll find yourself immersed in mountains in an area called Competa -- with a lot of dirt trails.

Trailblazers Pro will help in creating unforgettable memories.

Various tours give you the ability to explore the area for just a day or longer.
Get ready to ride through an interconnected network of terrain that covers everything from dirt to gravel, rocks, dust, and much more.

Photo: Honda

No. 5

If you happen to find yourself in southern Spain, and want to head even more south to the African continent, Morocco offers some incredible riding -- especially if you’re looking for desert and sand.

Tour through the Atlas Mountains or find yourself in the dunes.

No matter how you slice it, you’re going to get a good workout and have the time of your life.

Check out

No. 4

Ride in the rain forest or ride in the mountains; it’s your choice. The same goes for riding solo or with a designated tour.

South America is a popular destination for motorcyclists. With varying terrain, breathtaking views, and well, lots of opportunities to get on- and off-road, it’s an all-in-one type of destination.

If you’re up for touring on your own, but don’t necessarily have the time to plan out every single turn, check out Freedom Bike Rental. They do the work for you, in regards to planning. You just have to captain your own bike. And make sure you bring rain gear. December until about June is considered the wetter months. But heck, it sure beats the cold and snow!

No. 3

Baja, Mexico, anyone? Do it on two or four wheels with

While you might not be competing in the legendary Baja 1000, there’s no reason you can’t ride parts of the course or even ride the whole thing -- that would be a dream for me! An exhausting dream, but one well worth the aches I would encounter from being on a motorcycle for that many miles on end.

If you prefer to experience the terrain on a quad, that’s also possible.

No. 2

Traveling to the land Down Under means you have ample places to ride, either on the east or west side of the continent.

If you’re looking to rent a bike and just venture on your own, check this out.

Or if you’re there to take in some of the sights and experience the local wildlife -- yes, there are dingoes and koalas -- you’re in for a treat.

But don’t forget, in December, it’s their summer. Days can get hot so pack accordingly.

Here’s another resource to get you excited about riding:

No. 1
South Africa

Lions, tigers, and bears? Oh my. OK, no tigers or bears, but lions for sure. Riding in South Africa will allow you to create your own safari. But the fun doesn’t stop when you roll through a national park filled with all kinds of wildlife. It continues through Cape Town to Johannesburg thanks to Edelweiss tours.

Or pick your own routes. There is an abundance of incredible roads that take you along the coast or even on a road carved into red rock 300 feet above sea level.