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The neck brace, an innovative safety device



A new, revolutionary safety device has recently appeared on the market: the neck brace. Designed for those who practice a sport requiring a safety helmet, the neck brace reduces the risk of neck injuries in an accident.

The Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support (BNS)

It's a device that wraps around the neck, resting on the shoulders, back and chest and limiting the flexion and extension of the neck. It also reduces the compression of the vertebrae in case of direct impact to the head.

The neck brace consists of a hard, injected-plastic support lined with foam for added comfort. Some neck braces are made of carbon fibre or Kevlar, two materials that are lighter and more resistant than plastic. Several sizes are available, suitable for both children and adults.

The neck brace can be used in all sports, motorized or not, requiring a safety helmet (ATV, water scooter, karting, motocross, etc.). Available for two years, it is increasingly popular on the professional circuit, namely in motocross racing.

The growing popularity of the neck brace should incite young people to adopt this type of safety device. The only catch is the relatively high sales price, ranging from $300 to $1,000.

Until very recently, Leatt Corporation, Inc. was the only manufacturer of this type of brace. But Alpinestars and EVS have now joined the game, offering interesting alternatives to Leatt's products.

Photo Credit : Alpinestars