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Saving lives on two wheels



Quebec now has its own motorcycle medical emergency unit. This particular type of emergency service is already widely implemented in a number of European countries. That's exactly what motivated Daniel Massé and his team.

Mr. Massé, a retired Canadian Forces officer who served with the Royal 22nd Regiment prior to becoming the founder and president of the Quebec Motorcycle Medical Intervention Unit (UIMMQ), finally saw his dream come true. The UIMMQ is an innovative organization taking advantage of the versatility and accessibility granted by the use of a motorcycle during an emergency situation in places where ambulances cannot get quickly to. The whole idea centers on enhancing medical services during the critical period before patients can be transported to the hospital. Obviously, the UIMMQ is a non-profit organization.

Quality interventions
The concept of a motorcycle medical intervention unit having a provincial wide coverage is now reality. As a matter of fact, it represents a first in Quebec and in Canada. The UIMMQ team is made up of designated first responders who are health professionals. The First Responder Qualification is the minimum prerequisite for making the team. The organization also makes sure that all members attend a special yearly training on basic and advanced motorcycle riding techniques. Their ultimate goal is to efficiently cooperate in reducing critical delays before ambulances reach the scene thereby easing the transfer of patients to ambulance attendants.

The UIMMQ is now part of an association of health professionals on motorcycles. Toronto's EMS White Knights have been known for the last 10 years as a group of motorcyclists who work for various health organizations. The White Knights are similar to the Blue Knights (law enforcement officers) and Red Knights (fire fighters).

Full arsenal
UIMMQ intervention attendants use KTM Adventure motorcycles that are specially equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and identified with distinctive markings. Thanks to these powerful yet nimble machines, the emergency service provided by the first responders is second to none. Among the medical equipment are adult and junior defibrillator units, adult and junior epinephrine kits and oxygen paraphernalia.

In the long run, with the eventual integration of the UIMMQ in the provincial health network, critical delays during the pre-hospital phase will be reduced to a minimum.

Photo Credit : UIMMQ