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Safety Sphere: a new airbag concept for riders



Increasing rider protection has long been the focus of bike manufacturers, but we've never seen anything quite as comprehensive as the ''Safety Sphere.'' Unlike more conventional airbag systems built into the rider's gear (such as the D-Air, Spidi, and Hit-Air), this prototype actually consists of an inflatable suit.

No, seriously.

How does it work? A cord connects the rider to the motorcycle seat. In the event of a collision (which often sends the rider flying or falling off the bike), the cord disconnects and the electronic circuit processor inside the belt buckle housing triggers an explosive canister of nitrocellulose.

The suit then inflates in 50 milliseconds, surrounding the entire body like some sort of bubble. The outer layer is made of tough, parachute-like fabric while the inside uses thin, elastic synthetic material.

No real-world testing has been done yet, so we'll have to settle for this computer generated video: