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Pascal Picotte and Brett McCormick - The making of a racer


by Marc Cantin ,

In the Superbike race, it worked just as it was planned. Brett moved in next to Szoke in the last corner, got a better exit and won the race. Picotte was impressed... again: "He rode a perfect race, never hesitated behind lappers, and was there to make the move at the end. His determination is something to behold. Our next track is Mosport, a corner-speed track like I liked them, and we will have the right plan and set up for that one too.

McCormick's take
Speaking to McCormick, one is surprised by his matter-of-factness, as if what is developing is part of a great plan that has been in place all along. He has been racing motorcycles a long time, and he is well on his way to realizing his goals. One gets the impression that his mind is set up in a grid of small boxes ready to receive information on riding, tactics, behaviour, technical matters and every other aspect of pro-racing. More boxes get filled up at every race, as they should, with his open mind processing it all and applying it immediately as well as storing it for future use.

At 17, the maturity and the tools to go far in the sport.

There will certainly be enough time after the season to look back and understand how well things worked out and why, at least so far, and in time to apply this knowledge over the coming seasons. It is difficult to draw more out of Brett, as he is focused completely on the present, on what is expected of him, on his goal of winning races and the Superbike Championship. I sense that this is how the whole team likes it to be.

Then who knows, the US or Europe? Qualified observers believe that McCormick has what it takes to succeed at the World level. See you at the track or here for developments.

Photo Credit : Philippe Champoux
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