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Parrot introduces a hands-free phone system for motorcycles



A leader in the wireless accessories industry, Parrot has developed a novel system, the SK 4000. It's a device that allows you to take calls and listen to your favourite music while cruising on your bike.

The three-piece kit includes a microphone that attaches to the helmet, speakers that disappear inside the helmet and a wireless remote that mounts on the handlebars. The system links to your cell phone via Bluetooth.

The Parrot SK 4000 features speech recognition. Once the system is activated, you simply have to pronounce the name of the person you want to call and it'll contact him or her itself. The remote control mounted on the handlebars allows you to pick up, hang up or choose the type of media you want to listen to, as the SK 4000 doubles as a radio thanks to its integrated FM receiver. You can also connect it to your MP3 player.

Bikers know that riding a motorcycle requires an enormous amount of concentration and vigilance. Seeing as government authorities don't recommend the use of a hands-free device in the car as it involves a safety risk, we can be forgiven for calling into question the relevance of such a system for motorcycles. Without a doubt, nothing is safer than parking your ride on the side of the road in a safe location before engaging in a discussion over the phone.

All things considered, bikers that insist on using their cell phone while riding should consider purchasing the SK 4000, one of the safest options on the market.

Photo Credit : Parrot