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Hold on to your passenger with Moto-Grip



With two people on a bike, there's always a risk that the one sitting behind fails to hang on and falls off during a sudden manoeuvre or when hitting a bump. Such horrifying scenario might become a distant memory with Moto-Grip, an affordable solution that enhances passenger safety and comfort.

Longtime motorcycle rider Andrew D. Lewis had the brilliant idea to create a rider-worn harness that provides a pair of hand grips held by the passenger. The grips are positioned at the rider's chest level.

Originally designed for adults only, the harness later received some modifications after Lewis met motorcycle-riding parents who liked his invention but wanted a way for such a device to be used so a child could ride along. The result is called Moto-Grip Jr.

The Moto-Grip is available in small (<175 lb), medium (<225 lb) and large (>225 lb) sizes for US$175.95. The Moto-Grip Jr. costs US$79.95.

For more information or to order the product, visit Hatch Ventures.

Source : The Detroit News