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Guy Giroux and his BMW G450X - FMSQ Victoriaville and Canadian Enduro Championship at Labelle, QC


by Guy Giroux

First was the Victoriaville (QC) Extreme-Cross.  I felt really confident that I would sweep the series. I rode the qually riding really good, except for a little mistake that put me down in a corner, no problem I would ride better in the main...  The main came, and I got pinched off at the start... no problem. I will pick them up one by one. Second curve, and in the corner of my eye, an orange thing is coming way too fast and booommmm! Perfect T-Bone, and the guy manage to stay up...

Ya, sure! The guy in the KTM shirt is pointing out a better trail to Guy aboard his BMW.

I take a good look at his number, I have a good memorie for that kind of stuff, and I'm now stuck in 6th place. I pass 2 more guys but I'm riding bad, and cannot get my pace fast enough... so I finish 4th but clinch my first off-road title for BMW. No time for celebration, gotta go fix my bike. My new orange buddy was able to break a few sensors on my rad, so instead of eating at 7pm, I got in the trailer at 11.....   Whatever! I feel so confident.

Next day, the morning race is packed!!!  Karine rode super good in her new white Xtreme gear, but only managed a third, which doesn't help her championship hopes....

Now it’s my turn. I'm ready to crush everyone. I get a horrible start. As soon as we get in the wood, I move outside in a rock section and pin it. Next thing I know, I'm on my back doing break-dance spin in a rock garden, as my helmet hit rocks. I really start to think that my day is over...  I stop moving and do a quick check: no pain anywhere??? Wow that was a big crash!!! I pick my bike up, and start my charge for the lead. In next corner, oupsss! Where is my brake pedal???   It's all bent up, so I try to survive the first lap without losing too much time. I stop in the pits and we need to change the complete rear brake system, because the master is also damaged. I lose a total of 6min and I'm back with a vengeance.

I'm still confident I can come back; I'm pushing like a madman and making a lot of mistakes. Two laps later, I guess I rode too close to a tree roots and bent another brake pedal, so off to the pits again, and I lose more time. Now I'm a complete maniac, I'm riding like a madman in the rocks for 2 laps catching a lot of guys, then 2 min after going in front of my pit, I start sliding around... rear flat!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder who put that tape too close to the track. Oh, it was me!
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