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Dainese expands D-air development for the greater good


by Pascal Bastien ,

Motorcycle gear manufacturer Dainese has partnered with Iveco to work on the advanced racing suit technology used by MotoGP riders and adapt it to meet the safety requirements of heavy commercial vehicles.

Statistics show that roll-overs are the main problem to be coped with in improving passive safety. The new D-air system considerably enhances rider protection in these situations, according to joint studies by Iveco, Dainese and NASA.

D-air involves specially patented, high-pressure 3D airbags for maximum protection and comfort. The bags deploy in less than 45 milliseconds (thanks to a “cold” gas generator) and assume shapes that minimize bulk while optimizing ergonomics around the body.

Eventually, the technology could be applied to all manners of commercial vehicles and public transit, including buses, trains, and planes.

Given the quality and safety of Dainese products, this sounds like nothing but good news.