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2014 Ski-Doo Summit X Preview


by Guillaume Rivard ,

The X returns as the top dog in Ski-Doo's Summit lineup, and one of the industry's best snowmobiles for tackling mountains and deep snow. Other than new colour schemes (Matte Black/Red and White/Red), there are no changes this year, so look for the same impressive package and performance.

Discover the 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X
Housed within the acclaimed REV-XM platform is the liquid-cooled, 2-stroke Rotax E-TEC 800R engine that uses direct injection to generate as much as 164 hp, resulting in a favourable 2.77 lb/hp ratio. This twin-cylinder promises easy throttle pull, linear power delivery, virtually no smoke or smell, and one-pull starts.

Offering 8” of travel, the front suspension on the 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X has dual A-arms and HPG Plus shocks. The Pilot DS 2 skis can be spaced 35.7” or 37.4” apart. The front end is coupled via a sway bar that can be quickly disconnected.

Meanwhile, the tMotion rear suspension with HPG Plus shock supplies up to 16” of travel in long-track configuration. There's a ball-joint hinge, residing between the rear arm, drop link, and split flex points on the front arm, that allows it to swing two degrees right or left.

The tMotion joins forces with the 16” wide PowderMax 2 track, which boasts 2.5” lugs (ideal for deep-powder riding and aggressive hill climbs) and unique FlexEdge technology. The latter involves fibreglass rods reinforcing only the centre 12” while the non-reinforced 2” edges flex ever so slightly to match the hill’s slope angle. The track comes in lengths of 146”, 154”, and 163”.

Other 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X highlights
The Summit-specific body panels were specially sculpted to slide through powder. Speaking of mountain-oriented ergonomics, the seat is extremely narrow in front and has a low profile for easily passing your legs from side to side. The rigid grab handle on the handlebars offers more leverage and confidence in tricky manoeuvres, the switches are moved to the console, and buttons are shielded from accidental activation.

The 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X is also equipped with a multifunction digital/analog gauge that's mounted flat, which is helpful as mountain riders spend a lot of time standing up. Located behind the gauge is a warmed glove box.

Elsewhere, the rigid footboards with wide evacuation holes (87% larger than those on the old REV-XP platform) effectively prevent snow and ice build-up. The tunnel is designed to utilize Ski-Doo’s exclusive LinQ system for attaching various accessories and storage devices with ease.

Summing up the 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X
All in all, it's easy to see why the 20-year-old Summit is the preferred choice for many mountain snowmobile enthusiasts. They praise its agility, floatation, E-TEC power and economy, and tMotion setup -- essentially, they don't have to make compromises.

You can buy a 2014 Ski-Doo Summit X for $13,149.

2014 Ski-Doo Summit X
Photo: Ski-Doo