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2014 Honda Forza Preview


by Amyot Bachand ,

The surprises keep coming at Honda with three new scooter models for the upcoming riding season. We've already tried the Giorno and PCX150, and here's the 2014 Honda Forza, a middleweight scooter that will hit the Canadian market at the end of this spring (hence why it's sold as a 2014 model).


We are currently witnessing an evolution in the scooter market. The top manufacturers now offer urban machines that can also tackle highway traffic. Kymco does it with the Downtown 300i, while Piaggio is set to launch a similar product.

The truth is that 250cc scooters were a bit short on power. This time around, enthusiasts will clearly be able to take full advantage of their versatility and more nimble handling than 400cc or heavier touring models.

2014 Honda Forza

The 2014 Honda Forza is aimed at riders who look for all-around performance in a midsize package. While tipping the scales at 194 kg (428 lb), it benefits from clever weight distribution for superior agility.

The two-piece frame is designed to achieve an optimum balance between rigidity and flexibility, thus ensuring great manoeuvrability around town and a calm, stable ride on the highway. Until we get a chance to test the Forza, we'll have to take Honda's word it, but considering the sporty performance of its other 2013 offspring, there's a reason to be excited.

The 279cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine of the 2014 Honda Forza is said to develop 24 horsepower (Euro-spec model). From running errands to getting away on the weekend and anything in between, including your daily commutes to work, expect ample power and spirited acceleration. Moreover, the 11L fuel tank will allow you to cover 354 km, Honda says.

Convenience and safety
In terms of storage, the 2014 Honda Forza can hold two full-face helmets under the seat or, alternatively, a small briefcase and a couple of grocery bags. I'm sure there will be an available top case to bring some additional cargo for longer trips. Dual fairing pockets, a large-capacity box on the left side, and a 12V power socket are also included.

The 2014 Honda Forza's 256-mm front disc and 240-mm rear disc are controlled via Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS) with ABS, resulting in safe, confident stops at all times. What's more, the 14'' front wheel is connected to a sturdy 35-mm fork, while the 13'' rear wheel teams up with a double-sided aluminum swingarm.

Design and looks
Looking at the pictures, the 2014 Honda Forza boasts sporty styling and rider-friendly ergonomics. Canadian buyers will have a choice of two colour schemes: Seal Silver Metallic and Pure Red.

Production will take place in Thailand, which should make for attractive pricing without compromising Honda's quality reputation.