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2014 Yamaha SR Viper Deluxe Preview


by Guillaume Rivard ,

The lightweight and aggressive SR Viper is a brand new family of trail snowmobiles at Yamaha for 2014. Honestly, there are few differences between the various models. All five of them are powered by a 1,049-cc, 4-stroke, triple-cylinder engine, and share standard features such as electric start, electronic reverse, a pair of halogen headlights, as well as hand and thumb warmers.

The “base” 2014 Yamaha SR Viper Deluxe is equipped with many features catering to high-mileage riders such as a medium windshield, rear storage bag, heated seat, deluxe gauges, and comfort tuned suspension.

Yamaha SR Viper Deluxe 2014
Photo: Yamaha

Sneaky snake loves the trail
Yamaha's 130-horsepower Genesis engine is known for delivering strong performance across the entire rev range. It is mounted low and tilted back for a lower centre of gravity and more centralized mass. An advanced fuel injection system uses a trio of 41mm throttle bodies to control fuel flow to the engine. Another benefit is superior efficiency, and with the generously sized, 40-litre tank, you can expect to stay on the trail for long periods.

The 2014 Yamaha SR Viper Deluxe also uses the reliable and durable Yamaha YVXC clutch, along with a unique Engine Braking Reduction System which allows a small amount of air to pass through the fuel injection system when the throttle is released, giving riders a “coast” feeling.

Derived from Arctic Cat, the all-new SRV aluminum chassis of the 2014 Yamaha SR Viper Deluxe has been fine tuned to create a neutrally balanced sled. The skis feature a single, stiff keel design, and offer an adjustable stance (42”-43”) for improved handling. Designed to ensure increased control of lateral slides, the 15”x129”x1.25” Ripsaw II track also helps in that department (the L-TX Deluxe model has a longer 137” Ripsaw II track, mind you).

The 2014 Yamaha SR Viper Deluxe benefits from comfort tuned HPG shocks. Front suspension geometry is aimed at managing spindle camber, resulting in minimized bump steer and maximized cornering bite in varying trail conditions. Meanwhile, the rear suspension is a re-named version of Arctic Cat’s FasTrack Slide-Action, called Dual Shock SR 129; bred for the trails but inspired by world-class racers, it keeps the track planted for optimum grip under full throttle or full braking. Travel is 10” up front and 13.5” in the rear, by the way.

Other 2014 Yamaha SR Viper Deluxe highlights
Riders will certainly appreciate the high-performance Hayes braking system with a large, 8” rotor, the mid-height windshield providing good protection from the elements, the two-piece, tapered tunnel for enhanced leg comfort, as well as the comprehensive and easy-to-read digital gauge that displays critical information in a glance.

The 2014 Yamaha SR Viper Deluxe has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $13,749.

Note: The successful SR Viper line-up considerably expands for 2015, catering to more riders in a wider price range.