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2013 Honda Giorno Preview


by Amyot Bachand ,

Honda has decided to replace the Jazz with a brand new model: the Giorno. More elegant than its predecessor, this little urban scooter is powered by an all new, 4-cycle, fuel-injected engine.

Based on our previous knowledge of the wealth of know-how that Japanese engineers bring to the table, we can expect the Giorno to be quite frugal. Honda confirms that this scooter will zip energetically through traffic, thanks in part to the new fuel-injection programming.

2013 Honda Giorno right side view
Photo: Honda

The 2013 Honda Giorno's styling is European-inspired; its two-tone paint provides a chic and tasteful design. The Giorno will be available in two color schemes in Canada: white with red graphics and a metallic brown version.

A far as ride comfort is concerned, the 719 mm high seat is perfect for the small and medium-size rider, allowing them to firmly plant their feet when at a complete stop. A new instrument cluster and redesigned handlebars on the 2013 Honda Giorno are a great addition to the new power plant, as well.

Storage-wise, the Honda Giorno has a huge compartment under the seat that is big enough to swallow up a full-face helmet, a nifty knee-high cubbyhole is also located in the leg shield, along with a convenient bag-hook. There is an optional baggage support and white or black trunk that provide ample room for your grocery shopping and work/school commutes.

The suspension on the 2013 Honda Giorno is comprised of a front twin down-tube fork, and rear single shock mounted on 10” wheels. The front and rear brake drums provide ample stopping power for this sprightly 81 kilogram scooter.

2013 Honda Giorno right side view
Photo: Honda

The new Honda Giorno braking system is a step up from the previous model; it activates both front and rear brakes simultaneously when depressing the rear brake pedal. We will need more information before passing judgement on this system, but at first glance it seems to be a good idea.

With its new technologically advanced 50 cc engine, the 2013 Honda Giorno has demonstrated that Honda is committed to advancing the cause of the small urban scooter. MSRP for the Giorno is $2,299.