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2013 Ossa Enduro Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

The Milan Motorcycle Show had quite a surprise in store for us. Already known for its high-end trials bikes, Ossa rolled out the new Enduro 300i prototype. The beast features a 2-stroke, direct injection mill and quite a few novel mechanical solutions. You can already feel the competition trembling in fear…

The Spanish manufacturer is in full comeback mode and has announced its return to the Enduro circuit with this sizzling, technologically advanced number. After the revolutionary TR 280i trials machine, Ossa catches us off guard once again. The 300i is built on a unique frame equipped with an off-centre shock and TTX inverted fork, both Öhlins sourced. It also sports a V-Force3 airbox and singular exhaust with an expansion chamber curling up under the seat.

More affordable tech
Contrary to BRP’S E-TEC direct injection setup, which requires extremely powerful, complex and pricey injectors, Ossa uses two conventional injectors per cylinder.

2013 Ossa Enduro rear 3/4 view
With this sleek and innovative Enduro machine, the future of the 2-stroke engine looks bright indeed. (Photo: Ossa)

The dual injection system was developed by Kokusan. A first injector is placed at an angle behind the cylinder and sends fuel towards the spark plug, while a second injector located beneath the throttle valve housing, just like the TR 280i, squirts a mix of fuel and oil into the crankcase.

Kokusan’s mix-it-up technology and the sophisticated electronic management system ensure a more efficient combustion process with less unburned fuel and oil than a conventional 2-stroke engine. The firm says the mill is greener and less thirsty than a direct injection 4-cylinder of similar power.

The devastating Ossa Enduro 300i should go into production shortly and arrive on Canadian soil in 2013, looking very much like the Milan prototype. With this sleek and innovative Enduro machine, the future of the 2-stroke engine looks bright indeed.