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2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 - An exciting new Sport Tourer!


by Marc Cantin ,

Kawasaki - Bless their High Performance hearts – have just launched the 2011 Ninja 1000, a faired version of their basic Z1000 street warrior from last year, and will sell it in Canada for $13,699.

This exciting new model uses the same inline four-cylinder burner, twin exhaust, rear shocks and chassis components as the Z1000. Reliable power numbers are hard to find, but independent dyno testing points to 136 hp at 11,000rpm and 81 lb-ft of torque, with a generous distribution of that grunt over the entire usable rev range. It also features an adjustable windscreen, optional ABS and sporty ergonomics - everything you want in a Sport Tourer.

Photo: Kawasaki

Kawasaki aimed for two different targets with this model: Long range comfort for high speed touring, and sporty behaviour on twistier roads. One look at the bike in full baggage mode and the mostly flat saddle (As opposed to sloped forward) is enough to convince me that the bike’s main mission is sport touring. The power and torque of the bike, as well as the capable suspension and powerful brakes should also take care of sportier riding, something other Kawis do so well.

Ergos have not been set aside, with a nice and big analogue tach, and a multi-function LCD screen that features speed, a fuel gauge, odometer, clock, dual trip meters and warning lamps.

Let the good times roll!