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2010 Yamaha RS Vector GT First Impressions


by Pascal Bastien ,

After a painfully long wait, the all-new 2010 Yamaha RS Vector GT is finally here. The latest evolution of the famous 1,050-cc, 3-cylinder Genesis 120 engine now finds its way into the second-generation Delta Box chassis -- a highly-anticipated union promising awesome thrills.

The new 2010 Yamaha RS Vector GT proves to be more attractive than ever with a racier design in the back.

Racier than ever
Family ties between the RS Vector and Apex are quite apparent, especially since the former's redesign in 2008. In fact, notwithstanding the slightly different rear section (exhaust pipes, taillights and air vents), these two machines are virtually identical. For 2010, both the base and GT models share a racier, more modern design in the back -- again, heavily inspired from the Apex. What's more, the new Vectors receive a 12-volt outlet near the left handlebar to power accessories such as heated visors and boots.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the 2010 Yamaha RS Vector GT on the trails and compare it with a 2009 model using the older carburetor-fed 3-cylinder engine. Let me assure you that with the Delta Box II architecture and revised Genesis 120FI engine, the improvement in riding behavior goes way beyond my original expectations; performance and handling levels are far superior to last year's model's.

Hurrah for fuel injection!
The technological upgrades to the RS Vector deliver striking results. Thanks to fuel injection, the new engine offers a more linear torque curve. Additionally, the larger displacement and revised intake cams increase low- and mid-range torque.

Out on the trails, takeoffs are surprisingly energetic, as is re acceleration coming out of corners - enough so to put a big smile on the rider's face all day long. Throttle response is so immediate that it literally feels like the engine is reading your mind. Ride quality and user-friendliness are also vastly improved, an important factor for any snowmobile designed to travel hundreds of kilometers on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Genesis 120FI remains the quietest engine in the entire Yamaha lineup.

A slight push on the throttle lever is enough to catapult you into the next corner.
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