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2010 BMW S1000RR on track Review


by Marc Cantin ,

Alone at the top?
So what do we make of all this? For one thing, a bike this well managed is obviously going to be the safest possible ride on the street, whatever power you have to play with.

Another angle to demonstrate the comfortable riding position while cornering - gently in this case!!!

And it gets better when you go to the track, as the inherent safety carries over, in addition to letting you play closer to your limits and not risk life and limb while doing it. And you can forget about how a 600 is easier to ride close to the limit, this and a few other 1000s are easier to ride than the little torque-free bikes.

BMW swung for the fences with this one, and did hit a dinger – Well done and see you at the track!

Power and torque
Sophisticated, well integrated and fault free electronics
Surprisingly comfortable ergos for bigger riders
Value pricing, at $17,300 including DTC, ABS and Easy Shift
Did I say power and torque?

Gee, hmmm, well, I need to ride it again. Please!

Photo Credit : Kevin Wing/BMW
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