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2009 Yamaha VMAX Preview


by Marc Cantin ,

After a quarter century of "stylin" and scaring bystanders and riders alike with power and a wobbly chassis on the old-generation V-Max, the all new  VMAX is now with us. Yamaha wanted the "Most Horsepower" crown back, but also wanted the monster to handle.

The concept is simple, take the older V-Max as a basis for comparison, add 500cc, electronic fuel injection, 48% more power (To 197 horses), 40% more torque (To a tractor-like 122 lb-ft), add an operational Ram-air intake, variable geometry intake and exhaust tracts, fly-by-wire throttle, six-piston calipers in front, adjustable suspension working with a properly stiffened chassis and a serious rear tires, and you have a snapshot of the 2009 VMAX package.

As you can imagine, every outing will be a treat, whether on a trendy "Did you see me" street, attacking flowing corners with new-found stability and agility, or simply enjoying the acceleration-monster side of the new machine's personality. Shoulders and hands will get a great workout just hanging on hard corner exits, while riding around town or on twisty roads will let you enjoy the classical Cruiser pose, with hand nice and high and feet in the mid position.

The 2009 VMAX is available now, at an MSRP of $21.999

Photo Credit : Philippe Champoux, Yamaha