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2009 Polaris snowmobiles Preview (video)



The 2008 Snowmobile Show recently took place at Place Forzani, in Laval, Quebec. Winter sports enthusiasts were able to get a close look at the upcoming 2009 models from four different manufacturers. Here's a preview of the new 2009 Polaris snowmobiles.

Since the introduction of the new IQ chassis, the American manufacturer keeps finding ways to impress consumers and the media. With ever-evolving products and surprising quality, the new and improved 2009 model lineup offers more power and performance.

550 IQ Shift
This year, the Shift family includes nine different models. The most impressive is by far the all-new 550 IQ Shift, a very affordable machine that combines a 60-hp, fan-cooled, 2-stroke, twin-cylinder engine with the famous IQ chassis. Considering all the money you'll save upon purchasing this new sled, you can further customize it by selecting one of three graphics packages and then adding many of your favorite accessories. The 550 IQ Shift is one of the best valued snowmobiles in the entire industry.

Polaris 550 IQ Shift

More power
Since coming to market, the Cleanfire engines never ceased to amaze us. While boasting a 200 hp/liter ratio, they feel even more powerful than they actually are. Instant throttle response and massive torque across most of the powerband are the key factors of this performance. Despite its small displacement, the 600-cc Cleanfire is capable of delivering the kind of thrusts you would normally associate with larger-displacement machines.

800 Dragon SP
Last year, IQ Dragon models with 155- and 163-inch tracks were the only ones to receive the biggest Cleanfire mill. But for 2009, the latter (154 hp) will become available with many other Polaris products. Pure performance enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that the Cleanfire 800 HO engine now powers the performance IQ and the fearsome Dragon SP. Like every other Cleanfire, this one features a very sophisticated electronic fuel injection system with four injectors: two on the upper transfer lights that control low-RPM operation, and two near the flap valves that control high-RPM operation.

Polaris 800 Dragon SP
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