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2010 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

Since the introduction of the REV-X chassis, the lightest platform in the entire industry, snowmobiles from the Ski-Doo lineup have been offering unparalleled riding precision, remarkable agility and, most importantly, improved comfort and ergonomics. This delightful combination makes for even more fun over longer distances, regardless of trail conditions, including the bumpiest ones.

2010 Ski-Doo MX Z

New REV-XU utility chassis
For 2010, Ski-Doo will launch a number of new models that use the REV-XU architecture, an extended variant of the famous REV-X that's much more suited to BRP's utility snowmobiles. This new chassis will allow heavy-duty riders to experience the multiple benefits of the much-appreciated REV-X.
With the REV-XU and Lynx Telescopic Suspension (LTS) up front, the 2010 Tundra models will feel even lighter and offer increased floatation, not to mention a more contemporary design. The new base Tundra and high-end Tundra LT target consumers looking for a modern sled to explore the toughest terrains and venture off the beaten trails, both in the woods and the mountains.

More affordable prices
The 2010 model year marks the return of the fan-cooled, 2-stroke 550F engine at BRP. After a one-year hiatus, this unit now proves efficient, simple and cheap to build, making the competent REV-X chassis accessible to a larger number of enthusiasts. It will power four new products, all built on the same architecture, including the Renegade Sport, GSX 550F, Tundra and Grand Touring Sport. Each one will retail for less than $9,000. A steal!

A more user-friendly MX Z
Ski-Doo will also be introducing the 2010 MX Z X-RS. This performance snowmobile is smoother than its predecessor yet definitely not devoid of bite thanks to the 800R Power T.E.K. engine. It's now more rider-friendly in daily use, courtesy of an improved steering system that requires less effort from the rider as well as a softer spring calibration. Speaking of which, the MX Z models ride on the SC-5 suspension, which offers the best weight transfer management out there and therefore allows excellent ski grip when entering corners and increased momentum upon coming out.

The MX Z models ride on the SC-5 suspension.
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