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2005 Audi TT 1.8T Quattro Coupe Road Test

5 novembre 2004

par Rob Rothwell , Canadian Auto Press

Although the TT is a fairly small, lightweight fighter, Audi didn't go light on additional safety equipment to protect those
The TT comes equipped with pretty much everything a person could want in a sporty coupe. (Photo: Rob Rothwell, Canadian Auto Press)
experiencing the coupe's energetic personality. Driver and front passenger next-generation frontal airbags are standard issue, as are driver and front-passenger seat-mounted chest and head side-airbags.

When it comes to loading the TT with options, there isn't much to choose from because most of what anyone could want is already there, such as self leveling xenon headlights, fog lights, Nappa leather seating, climate control, power windows, cruise control, remote locking and a driver information display. But nonetheless, larger 18-inch alloy wheels are available along with a premium 6-disc audio system, HomeLink, an Alcantara-covered steering wheel and a small-screen navigation system. In keeping with the TT's stretch and twist ergonomics, Audi has placed the 6-disc CD stacker in a slot situated in the sidewall on the driver's side next to the rear seat. Now I'm certain little space exists elsewhere, but this is a particularly nasty locale, which can only be accessed when standing outside the car, leaning into the driver's door and twisting to the right. A chiropractor on retainer may not be a bad idea, but better would be to integrate the multi-disc changer directly
The Audi TT coupe is a passionate ride, and you really feel connected to it as a driver. (Photo: Rob Rothwell, Canadian Auto Press)
into the audio head unit, like most every other manufacturer (outside of Germany) manages to accomplish no matter the size of vehicle in question.

By any sports car standards, the Audi TT coupe is a passionate ride. Rather than allowing a driver to merely occupy its cockpit and toil with its controls, the TT absorbs the driver, merging his or her soul with that of its own when the switchblade key is twisted. Although this peppery performer is capable of revitalizing the human spirit, it presents the quirky ergonomic bottlenecks lamented-on earlier; however pain stimuli is a very effective learning tool. After a day or two of head "thumps" I modified my ingress and egress methods, eliminating the cranial versus roof-edge conflict. I also practiced and successfully refined my travel-mug-placement technique, getting it into the awkwardly placed cupholder without diverting my attention from the road ahead.

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