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BMW ups the ante for 2009 with three K1300s, the GT, R and S Preview


by Marc Cantin ,

True to form, BMW has leaked information on its new K1300 lineup, and the news for 2009 is excellent, indeed exciting, as the K1300 family is an important update of the various transversal engine K1200 models featuring the ultra-efficient Duolever front suspension with parallel arms. The marketing goal of the new K1300s is clear: "...improve the machine's performance and user-friendliness thanks to a stronger, more harmonious torque band and an even more congenial engine."

Munich has done just that. Performance-wise, the K1300S's engine, the pluckiest of the lot, kicks out 175 hp at 9,250 rpm (10 more than the K1200S) and a maximum torque of 103 ft-lb at 8,250 rpm (7.4 more than the K1200S). Even better, 70% of the torque is delivered at 3,000 rpm, climbing to 80% at 3,500 rpm. Similar improvements on the R and GT allow for an extremely pleasant ride both in the city and fully loaded on the highway.

The designers went all out:
· Increased bore and stroke, bumped up from 1,157 to 1,293 cc (almost 10% more!)
· New gear ratios and easier, more precise shifting
· Optimized intake: programmed electronic injection and ignition, intake manifold profiles, air filters, cam shaft profiles
· Updated combustion and exhaust systems: exhaust valve springs, shape of the combustion chambers, pistons, connecting rods, bearings, new variable-geometry exhaust (similar to Yamaha's EXUP system)
· Revised Duolever front suspension configuration
· Stiffer rear spring
· New-generation electronically adjustable suspension (ESA II)
· New dash board featuring various "track" or "street" modes like the HP2 Sport
· LED taillights
· Turn signal controls concentrated on the left grip like all the Japanese bikes!
· Optional "Shifter HP", which allows the rider to shift without touching the clutch or the power being interrupted
· New-generation fascias and improved ergonomics


K1300S ($16,650)
The streamlined sport version promises to be the most powerful standard BMW in history, with 175 snorting ponies impelling its 254 kg of wet weight (228 kg dry weight). The S's performance will undoubtedly approach that of the reigning powerhouses, the Kawasaki ZX-14 and Suzuki Hayabusa, while offering more sophisticated driving dynamics thanks to its advanced suspension systems. The K1300S will even hold its own against extreme sport bikes like the GSX-R1000 despite its heavier overall weight.
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