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2011 Husaberg FS 570 Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

With Husaberg joining the KTM Canada family in August, 2009 we now have access to these superb machines. Here is the report of our highly enjoyable test-ride of the all-new 2011 FS 570, a mean supermotard that I believe has all the ingredients to shine among other big guns, such as the Aprilia SXV 5.5, Husqvarna SM 510 et KTM 530 EXC.

You can clearly see the horizontal cylinder, as well as how it moves that mass closer to the bike's center of gravity, and adds to front ground clearance.  (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/

Unusual engine - gearbox layout
Husaberg took everyone by surprise in 2008 with a new laid-down cylinder (70 degrees from vertical), an unusual configuration to say the least. The transmission ends up in the vertical plane, with the countershaft sprocket in its usual spot relative to the swingarm. This geometry present some clear advantages, with the mass of the bike and the rotational inertia of the crankshaft now closer to the center of gravity of the bike, and the raised cylinder and sump make for greater ground clearance at the front.

The liquid-cooled, 556-cc, 4-stroke engine with Keihin electronic fuel injection features push-button start only – no kick start, as the unusual configuration of the big-bore cylinder, combined with a high compression ratio, would require too much effort from the average rider.

The transmission delivers easy and precise shifts even without the clutch while in full attack mode on the track. Operating the clutch is a two-finger operation, leaving others for gripping the handlebars and benefitting from the extra control and safety during aggressive manœuvres. Finding neutral when the engine is running can be tricky at first, with no indicator light to help.

Quality components everywhere
The FS 570 shares a number of components with its Austrian cousins, the KTM 530 EXC et 560 SMR, including the swingarm and WP fork and shock. The double-cradle aluminum frame provides excellent rigidity where it is needed, and well managed shock absorption and load management on bumpy streets as well as the track. The plastic subframe extends to the back of the bike and houses the nice and low fuel tank, which further improves mass centralization. Thusly positioned, the tank frees up space above the engine for an upgraded intake system and a saddle that stretches all the way to the handlebars for superior rider efficiency and comfort.

Great looking kit, as you expect from the Italians, the true Kings of style. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/
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