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2009 BMW HP2 Sport Review


by Marc Cantin ,

The HP2 (High Performance) spinoff models from the R family had originally given us two very special machines, the Enduro and the Megamoto, both exclusive bikes powered by optimized versions of the emblematic R1200 boxer engine, coupled to light, high performance chassis with the highest quality components found on production bikes.

For those with the fortitude to push such a work of art on the track, the HP2 Sport will provide hours of enjoyment.

With the HP2 Sport, the Munich Magicians have assembled a bike unlike any other sportbike on the market, with exciting power and torque, quality Öhlins suspension bits, a wondrous flat-twin growl that draws attention but not the ire on non-enthusiasts, and fantastic fit and finish with carbon fiber bodywork.

The HP2 S has been around for nearly two years now, and Moto123 has ridden it at a track day organized by BMW Canada last September. This time around, we wanted to ride it on the street as well as for short track session, as this machine is ideally suited for Track Day use.

The Boxer configuration has been a cornerstone of BMW motorcycles since the 1930s, with the latest evolution using oil as well as air cooling to allow it to produce almost 110hp per litre in a well mannered and reliable street machine. Taking advantage of the two large cylinders, the HP2 S engine also produces gobs of usable torque all the way down to 2500 rpm, going to a maximum of 84.8 ft-lbs of torque at 6000 rpm. The 133hp power peak arrives at 8750 rpm, with maximum revs set at 9500 rpm to save the odd shift on the track or in a hurry when passing a truck.

Producing such a happy and useful combination of torque and power came about with the help of the latest engine developments, with the BMW F1 team at the forefront of such work. The redesigned heads of the HP2 engine use a lighter and more compact valve actuation system (To allow it to lean over further), and larger and more efficient porting to complement the lighter pistons and connecting rods. Add modern electronics for the injection and ignition systems, and you can understand where the performance comes from.

You have to love the machined, non folding and adjustable footpegs - true high quality Superbike eye-candy on a stock machine.
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