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2009 BMW F800R and Low Rider Previews



Low Rider
The Low Rider is a concept machine which BMW showed at the Milan Show, based on the R1200 platform which has been shorn of all fairing and ornaments, and features elements borrowed from different types of current and older models: wire wheels, cut down solo seat, naked look, "slammed" rear suspension almost down to Softail levels, minimalist fenders, double barrel high exhaust, stacked head lights, waved front disks, and a single-sided swing arm. As it stands, the Low rider reminds one of the Roland Sands concept Ducati Monster from earlier this year.

2009 BMW Low Rider

BMW's thinking behind such a naked bike is to allow the buyer to dress the machine as per personal tastes, creating a unique machine that will stand out in any crowd, as well as haul the groceries on twisty roads. BMW has not released information regarding price and availability.

No surprise here with this latest addition to BMW's mid size family. The R shares it's main mechanical components with the other F800 model, and addresses the naked bike, or "standard" segment, to go along with the faired S and ST models, as well as the two GS models (F800GS and F650GS) that share the efficient 798cc vertical twin, 6-speed gearbox and tube frame.

The R comes with shorter ratios for 4th and 6th gear, to improve acceleration and compensate for the increased drag at high speed from the lack of fairing, while the programming of the electronic injection- ignition has been fine tuned.

Pricing and availability information should be coming from BMW Canada soon.

2009 BMW F800R

Photo Credit : BMW, EICMA