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2007 BMW G 650 Xmoto Road Test


by Pascal Bastien ,

Aggressive styling

The sleek and modern profile of the Xmoto is particularly well executed. This X model from BMW is the one that sports the most aggressive styling and makes the least compromises. There's a contrasting red-and-grey scheme and the ultra-dynamic lines are directly derived from the superbiker world.

A young and ultra-dynamic look that will appeal to many.

The G 650 Xmoto is decidedly more aggressive than F-Series motorcycles. It brings a bit of fresh air to an increasingly popular segment in North America, innovating with a body construction that almost exclusively uses plastic and other lightweight materials. The Xmoto transpires sportiness, no matter what angle you admire it from.

Lively engine
Like the entire X lineup, the G 650 Xmoto is motivated by a 652cc single-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection system. This 4-valve unit was designed by Rotax, a small company owned by Bombardier Recreational Products. It was made lighter, particularly the starter and alternator, resulting in a 2-kilo weight reduction. Although the balancer shaft remains, this mill is not a prime example for smoothness. It produces unwanted vibrations, especially at higher revs. The wise thing to do is to keep the engine at lower revs, where it proves to be much more efficient. The Xmoto gets a 5-speed transmission that requires some getting used to. BMW's decision to incorporate a longer reduction ratio than the Xchallenge model seems judicious and befitting the general specifications of this bike.

The Xmoto's engine is very powerful despite relying on a single cylinder. Producing a bit more horsepower than its predecessor, it also generates impressive torque figures at very low revs. Actually, its powerband is reminiscent of a V-twin engine; you feel it on the highway. The Xmoto is particularly fast for a single-cylinder bike, delivering satisfying accelerations and passing maneuvers. Its average fuel economy is about 4.2 L/ 100 km, which is remarkable for a 650-cc machine. Also noteworthy is the new exhaust system that features a Euro-3 compliant catalyzer and a raised manifold for tight turns.

The engine is ideally suited to this bike but produces a few unwanted vibrations.
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