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Urban Safety for Two Wheel Vehicules - Serious ongoing studies... in Europe!


by Marc Cantin ,

Here is a press release from BMW regarding the C1-E, a new safer scooter, as well as the web address of eSUM, a “collaborative initiative between industry & local authorities of Europe's principal motorcycle cities, to identify, develop & demonstrate measures designed to deliver safer urban motorcycling in the short, medium & longer term.”

Notice the key word, “Europe”, where some real analysis and actions are being taken to increase safety of two wheelers, rather than the more self-serving or intuitive decisions taken by some authorities on this side of the ocean.

The highlighting is mine. Enjoy and hope!

BMW Motorrad study for urban traffic safety brings us the BMW C1-E, a concept for a higher level of safety in the city.

This is what a safe, environment-friendly and highly practical single track vehicle for city traffic could look like in the future. BMW Motorrad developed the C1-E study vehicle as a contribution to the European safety project eSUM ( . This study unit is based on the innovative BMW C1 scooter of a decade ago. The new C1-E is characterized by a very high level of active and passive safety and can use an electric or low-emissions internal combustion engine.

The BMW C1-E provides exemplary protection for its rider. This is ensured by the safety cell with the conspicuous roll-over bar which spans the rider seat, in combination with the energy-absorbing impact element at the nose end. A further special point is that the C1-E rider wears a seat-belt.

The fairing with its windscreen, the luggage space behind the rider, and the side stand for effortless parking ensure high suitability for everyday riding, combined with a high degree of wind and weather protection. The electric motor uses lithium-ion battery and thus possesses sufficient power for mastering most inner-city traffic riding with ease.

BMW's avant-garde two-wheeler is regarded as a milestone in safety on two wheels, and is the only motorized single-track vehicle to be exempt from mandatory helmet wearing in almost all European countries.

Series production is currently not planned, and findings from the project will make their way into other developments in the field of single-track vehicles.

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