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Top 10 Best Value 2013 Road Bikes


by Pascal Bastien ,

Trying to determine which bikes offer the best value for your money is no easy task. The least expensive bike isn’t necessarily the best investment. Criteria such as styling, build quality, character, ergonomics, comfort, ease-of-use, safety and yes, price, are just a few examples of the many factors used to determine the outcome when comparing the large array of bikes available in each segment.

Here is a list of 2013 road bikes sold on the Canadian market that offer the best overall value. Be forewarned! You’ll have a hard time resisting at least one of these bikes.

10 - Victory Vegas 8-Ball
In this case, the smaller price tag doesn’t mean a smaller bike. The Vegas 8-Ball rumbles to the rhythm of a V-twin 1731 cc Freedom engine that provides sensory and auditory magic. Well-balanced, with an ultra-low centre of gravity, it’s as easy to handle as the smaller cruising bikes. The Vegas has no real caveats, but all the charm, quality, and charisma of high-end American iron for a fraction of the price (MSRP $13,629).

Victory Vegas 8-Ball
Photo: Victory

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