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Top 10 Bang-for-the-Buck Street Bikes of 2014


by Pascal Bastien ,

The best-value motorcycles are not exactly the cheapest ones. In addition to pricing, there are several aspects to consider including fit and finish, styling, performance, riding dynamics, ergonomics, comfort, and safety.

Without further ado, here are's top 10 bang-for-the-buck street bikes of 2014, which riders across Canada will all find pretty irresistible.

No. 10
2014 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

Great value doesn't have to mean a smaller engine. The powerful Vegas 8-Ball exploits a 1,731cc Freedom engine that serves up delightful thrills and sounds. With great balance and a super-low centre of gravity, it handles pretty much like a middleweight cruiser. This American street bike doesn't really have flaws, yet offers all the character and charisma from the brand's high-end models at just $13,999.

Victory Vegas 8-Ball
Photo: Victory

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