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BMW Motorrad Community. Social network for motorcycling enthusiasts


by BMW Motorrad

Promote contact among motorcycling enthusiasts, organize group trips and bring like-minded individuals together on motorbikes - all this and much more besides is what the new BMW Motorrad Community does. The BMW Motorrad Community is a social network but differs from other platforms in one important way: the main focus is not the virtual world but the practical benefits. The motto is: "Get out of the house - and on your motorbike!"

The BMW Motorrad Community is clearly structured into four main areas: Tourfinder, Meet & Ride, Member Profiles and Photos.

Members use the Tourfinder to plan and discover exciting tours. The level of difficulty can be selected between easy, medium and difficult. The function also includes options for enduro, roadster, touring or sports riders. The Tourfinder suggests appropriate tours based on the desired duration and distance. In the tour section it is also possible to develop new tours. Routes can be marked, named and described by clicking on an interactive map. The Community can rate these tours by awarding up to five stars, as well as adding comments and uploading photos and videos.

The Meet & Ride section allows members to find like-minded motorcycling enthusiasts, get together to undertake trips, organise tours and invite others to join in or take part in tours organised by other members. An integrated message function allows meeting points to be arranged, too. The route diary provides an overview of planned tours and this is automatically updated as soon as additional members join in, for example.

The Member Profile provides the opportunity to share photos, videos and much more besides with like-minded motorcyclists, friends or the entire Community. Individual profile settings ensure that details really are only visible to the contacts selected. New friends can easily be found and added, or they can be imported from other social networks such as Facebook. Members can join groups, create new groups, use the news feed to keep updated on their friends' activities and add photos and information on their motorcycles.

In the Photo section users can upload their best souvenir photos from their latest tour or a favourite photo of their motorbike and share these with others.

As reported by BMW