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2010 Polaris Snowmobiles Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

600 Rush
The new Pro Ride-based 600 Rush raises the bar for rear suspension travel with a dirt bike-style swingarm and single shock that watch the track's back. Benefiting from the new Progressive Rate (PR) suspension, the 600 Rush offers 360 millimeters of travel, which is unprecedented for a snowmobile. In fact, it's a whopping 100 millimeters more than competitors. In addition, the rear-end design of the Rush is pretty unusual, although time will tell if Polaris customers really like this multi-tube look à la Ducati.

The 600 Rush offers 360 millimeters of travel, which is unprecedented for a snowmobile.

The extended rear travel means you will never bottom out when landing jumps, let alone on bumpy trails. Furthermore, the suspension uses softer springs for easier weight transfer to the front when braking or cornering and to the back when reaccelerating. The improved dynamics are ideal when it matters most, both for racing and sporty riding.

The engineers of the 600 Rush didn't stop there. They moved the seat forward by 200 millimeters in order to achieve two goals:
. Allow the rider to put even more weight on the skis when attacking corners;
. Position the rider closer to the machine's center of gravity so as to improve handling by preventing ski lift under acceleration.

The resulting new riding position is sportier and more ergonomic, thus reducing rider fatigue after aggressive maneuvers on ultra-bumpy trails.

The 599-cc, 2-stroke Cleanfire of the Rush, characterized by above-average efficiency, feels much larger and powerful than it actually is. Combined with the chassis upgrades, this engine is a sure bet to deliver all the punch that snocross enthusiasts look for, courtesy of an explosive power delivery at medium and high revs.

Bottom line
Polaris is making giant leaps forward in the utility segment, as evidenced by the new 600 Widetrak IQ, a versatile, comprehensively-equipped snowmobile. And what about the new 600 Rush? The Pro Ride chassis is bound to revolutionize the snowmobile industry with its long-travel rear suspension.

Nothing but great news for winter sport addicts!

Photo Credit : Polaris
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