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Suzuki Burgman 650 2009 Review


by Marc Cantin ,

I hate to ruin this party with such a piddling critique, but I would love to see a cruise control added to this package, as they greatly reduce fatigue on the highway as well as reduce ticket-inducing kilometre-kreep as you roll merrily along on a nice traffic-free day.

Attack the road
With dial-in-power and manual shifting if you want the hassle, this baby runs… away from traffic in the city as well as on the highway – is an indicated 187 kph enough to impress you? Add ABS, nice fat and solid tires, powerful brakes and adjustable rear preload, and you have a package that delivers the goods when you need to have some fun, whether running away from cages at a green light, attacking access road and merging with highway traffic already up to 120 kph, or tackling your favourite bit of twisted road.

Gosh, I almost forgot – if you choose a more discrete approach to riding, age and excellent fuel economy might make you forget where all those service stations were!

I hate to ruin this party, but I would love to see a cruise control added to this very complete and well laid out package.

So where does this « GT » scooter leave us?
Happy in my case, as it does perform like a good middleweight bike, and they are all excellent these days, but with a premium added to the price in exchange for extra comfort and features, and the storage capacity and ease-of-use of a scooter.

The Japanese manufacturers have each chosen a different approach to the maxi scooter segment, with Honda making their typically excellent but non spicy Silverwing, Yamaha choosing a definitely sporting path with the storming T-Max line, and Suzuki opting for a sport-touring flavour for their flagship Burgman models.

Other than that dang missing cruise control, I could not find anything wrong with this machine – just a lot of stuff that worked extremely well for me.

Power and the programmable transmission
Complete set of features and equipment
Nice big tires and strong brakes
That lovely mini-Hayabusa front fender

Missing cruise control
Steep price that pits it against great bike and other maxi scooters


Photo Credit : Philippe Champoux
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