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NI Choppers: Definitely worth a stop


by Amyot Bachand ,

King City, California - During a recent trip to the West coast for a series of car tests, BMW invited us to a special shop where world-class motorcycle designers create exclusive choppers. Here, Junior Nuno and his team are literally building customized dream machines. Most of them are powered by 1,211-cc V-twin engines (121 cubic inches) developed by Total Performance Engineering. When Nuno first started this venture, back in 2002, it was only a hobby. Now, with the growing fame and consumer demand, his shop is running at full steam.

Located at 315, Bitterwater Road, in King City, NI Choppers Deli Stop was built almost like a restaurant, with toilets and all. But these ones are different: they're fully inspired by choppers. Just look at the faucet on the picture below -- how cool is that!?

From the inside or outside, you're led to the showroom and store, the latter being right in front of the assembly shop.

While we were there, three models graced the showroom floor. The most striking was a 2008 Lowlife in tanjo candy (tangerine orange). It's a classic, single-seat chopper that reminded me a lot of the bike's origins as well as the movie Easy Rider.

Next to it was a somber-looking Streetglide with intertwined red stripes. Personally, this is what I like to call a "mean machine", closer to a bad boy's bike than a hero's. Look at the tailpipes and you'll know what I'm talking about (see photo gallery). Yet, the front wheel is extremely delicate and stylish with its short spokes and white tire sidewall. A genuine cruiser.

Completing this amazing trio was a beautiful scarlet red Softail Custom. This bike will leave enthusiasts breathless. So, if you happen to ride by, you should definitely stop for a tour. To learn more, feel free to contact Junior Nuno at 831-386-9519 or visit their website at

2008 Lowlife

Photo Credit : Amyot Bachand