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Kawasaki S-KTRC & KIBS explained


by Pascal Bastien ,

KIBS High Precision Sport ABS
Other than the 310-mm front discs, which are 5.5 mm thick and feature 4-piston, radial-mount callipers, and the single, 220-mm rear disc, the new ZX-10R has inherited an electronic arsenal to help manage braking. The multi-sensor system not only uses the S-KTRC sensors mentioned above, but also monitors the hydraulic pressure of the front calliper. It’s also the first mass-produced ABS system where the engine and ABS ECUs communicate with each other.

KIBS precisely controls brake pressure to prevent loss of performance due to the heat generated after several hard braking manoeuvres. It also smoothes out the ABS pulses for a better lever feel, eliminates rear lift and ensures more regular deceleration by detecting the amount of engine braking.

Photo: Sébastien D'Amour/

KIBS is the smallest and lightest ABS unit in the world. Designed by Bosch especially for motorcycles, it weighs nearly 800 g less than the ABS used on Kawasaki’s other motorcycles. Thanks to this technological advancement, the KIBS-equipped model only weighs 3 kg more than the standard bike. The KIBS unit is located near the motorcycle’s centre of gravity, behind the engine’s left cylinder.

Prevention systems

The ZX-10R comes equipped with a back-torque limiter located in the rear wheel and a unidirectional clutch that prevents the rear wheel from locking up when downshifting too quickly, which greatly contributes to rear stability on corner entry. What’s more, this green rocket features a twin-tube Öhlins steering damper that ensures stable performance during hard acceleration.

S-KTRC and KIBS are sophisticated riding aid systems that allow ordinary mortals to become near-expert riders on the track, eliminating the looming threat of rear slippage on corner exit and front slippage during hard braking. Well done Kawasaki!

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