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Two-wheel fun and performance that's perfect for city commutes and touring adventures!


by Marc Cantin ,

The following two hours flew by in an instant. Every time someone passed me, I strived to stay right behind them. The TMAX easily exceeded 150 km/h and I almost felt like it was leaping forward whenever I hit full throttle. On the way back, with a passenger sitting behind me, the ride was much quieter yet equally entertaining despite the rain and my survival instinct which held me to 130 km/h (okay, there were some sprints at 140 km/h!). The generous fairing and windshield provided more than adequate protection against the rain and chilly weather.

2007 Yamaha TMAX

Come to think of it, this was my first adventure with one of the pioneers of sports scooters. These machines deliver the same usual comfort and friendliness but compare with traditional middleweight motorcycles in terms of performance and handling. The amazingly-relaxed TMAX surprises everyone both under acceleration and in corners while pampering the rider.

Unfortunately, I did not spend enough time with Burgman scooters to write extensively about them. Two things really jumped out at me, however. One is the possibility to choose between two fully automatic modes (power or normal) at the push of a button. The other is that prototype we've been spotting at recent bike shows; clearly inspired from the GSX-R (similar paint scheme), it delivers way more punch and greater performance than the current Burgman family, according to Suzuki.

Piaggio MP3
Chances are you've all seen these scooters that feature a pair of independent, tilting wheels up front. The latter boast a locking mechanism that allows them to stay upright at idle; therefore, riders can patiently wait at a red light without having to put a foot on the ground to maintain balance.

The head-turning MP3s from Piaggio surf over bumps and potholes thanks to a front axle that cuts half the depth of said holes. Add a little twist in the back and you'll forget how deteriorated our Canadian roads are! What's more, with not one but two tires contacting the ground up front, the machine offers a reassuring, stable feel.

True, Piaggios are not cheap, but their safe riding dynamics greatly boost confidence on the road.

2009 Piaggio Mp3 400
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