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2011 Polaris Sportsman Touring 550 EPS Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

After rejuvenating its entire ATV lineup in 2009, Polaris is taking on the 2-up, off-road segment with the Sportsman Touring 550 EPS based on the revolutionary XP chassis.

Super innovative, nimble and more stable than anything else in its class, the Polaris Sportsman Touring 550 EPS takes its sport utility job very, very seriously. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/

Completely redesigned and improved, the new Sportsman Touring is delivered with a longitudinal engine, a continuously variable transmission, an engine braking system, a dual A-Arm four-wheel suspension system and electronic power steering.

Well-designed platform
Despite its rather athletic-sounding name, the Sportsman Touring XP is a utility ATV that combines versatility and comfort. Powered by a lively single-cylinder mill, the machine is a decent performer considering its weight. The longitudinally mounted engine makes for a much slimmer beast. The narrower seat and new CVT transmission built under it allowed the engineers to double the size of the footrests. This architecture also lessens friction by reducing the number of moving parts, which translates into a decrease in power loss compared to an ATV with a transverse engine.

The mill proves gratifyingly frisky and powerful enough to tackle imposing obstacles, even when riding 2-up. The injection system works very well in all conditions and at any altitude. Acceleration is manageable, though far from overwhelming. You’ll have to turn to the Sportsman’s 850-cc sibling for if you’re looking for real thrills on that front.

Nimble and stable
The first thing you notice is that both the rider and passenger positions are much more ergonomic. Over rutted terrain, the independent suspension ensures a remarkably comfortable ride, and in corners the machine is one of the most stable in its class. The Sportsman Touring gobbles up hilly and steep terrain with admirable smoothness, and the electronic power steering gives your arms a break even in 4WD mode, a welcome attribute for fans of long tail rides.

The passenger «Comfort Ride Suspension» from Polaris. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/
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