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2011 Honda CBR250R Review


by Michel Deslauriers ,

Costs less than a Ninja 250R
The CBR250R has a base price of $4,499 before taxes and freight charges. That’s pretty affordable for someone who wants a starter bike but already has a car payment to manage. It also undercuts the Ninja 250R and the Hyosung GT 250R by 500 hundred bucks, although we’d recommend the ABS-equipped CBR250RA, which lists for $4,999.

Okay, so Honda’s new 250R is good, but how long will it take until you grow out of it and desire something more powerful and violent? Well, it all depends on what type of person you are.

A CBR250R is an excellent starter machine to gain some experience.

I drive 400-hp cars and trucks regularly, and apart from the occasional burst of speed on an open road, I don’t feel the need to beat any land speed records. I’d rather exploit a smaller, less-powerful car to its limit than to tease myself in a Porsche or a BMW, knowing damn well I can only use about 30% or 40% of its full potential. Same thing with bikes.

And that’s what’s great about the CBR250R. Fairly quick, fuel-efficient, good-looking and priced to move, you can use it on a daily basis and ride it to its limit without really getting bored, which might not be the case with the 125R. But if you’re finally getting yourself a bike and can’t get a 600RR out of your head, a CBR250R is an excellent starter machine to gain some experience, which we’ll never have too much of.

Affordable price
Good amount of power for beginners
Light, nimble, reassuring

No gear indicator
Small fuel tank
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