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2010 Polaris 600 Rush Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

The new 600 Rush is rewriting the rules in terms of what we find normal on a snowmobile, with its unconventional and surprising style as well as its remarkable long-travel suspension system. The Rush is obviously designed to relaunch Polaris and break new ground.

The new 600 Rush offers an avalanche of innovative features and thrills in an original package. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/

Revolutionary chassis and rear suspension
Polaris has created the all-new Pro-Ride chassis for the Rush, giving it 360mm of rear suspension travel, far more than the norm on this type of machine. At the rear, the new Pro-Ride fully independent suspension uses a spring/damper unit at the rear of the track, featuring links to produce a rising rate spring effect, just like on off-road motorcycles.

The more traditional front suspension has been optimized in terms of better managing roll and to maintain optimal bite at the front and traction at the rear under power.

Less complex than the traditional track suspension that provides continuous springing along the length of the track, the new rear Pro-Ride suspension design reduces the number of springs and idler wheels as well as the weight and rolling resistance of the assembly. The Rush is thus more fuel-efficient, less polluting and quicker. What’s more, the setup also reduces vibrations and noise.

The rider can adjust the suspension in several ways:
  • Front-to-rear weight distribution in order to improve rideability or control in corners.
  • Rear compression and rebound damping, depending on the smoothness of the surface, to maintain the best possible contact with the trail times through the entire range of the rear suspension’s long travel.
In addition to its futuristic rear suspension, the 600 Rush chassis is bolted together rather than welded, with easily removable struts that allow easier access to the engine for maintenance purposes.

A more efficient engine
This new purebred sled is powered by the latest evolution of their twin-cylinder Cleanfire2, a 600-cc, two-stroke engine that kicks out 120 very impressive ponies. Introduced in 2009 on the IQs, this little marvel of smoothness now offers throttle response worthy of the best engines on the market thanks to this year’s improved injection system.

At the rear, the new Pro-Ride fully independent suspension uses a spring/damper unit at the rear of the track. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/
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