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2010 BMW R1200RT Review


by Marc Cantin ,

Refined chassis and equipment
The efficient chassis and multitude mechanical components and electronic aids make life on the new RT easier and safer. It starts with a generous standard equipment package which includes Telelever front and Unilever rear suspensions, power assisted brakes, third-gen ABS, electrically adjustable windshield, and heated grips.

For us older crowd, who can appreciate the changing hues of the chromed pipes as the engine takes on a little mileage - and age... (Photo: Bernard Suquet)

The impressive optional equipment packages include an Audio System, low seat and suspension lowering kit, Tire Pressure Control that displays tire pressure on the dash board, Automatic Stability Control (aka Traction Control), Electronic Suspension Adjustment for preload, damping and rear spring rate, a heated saddle, on-board computer, and my all-time fav, an easy-to-use cruise control.

Outstanding Ergos
Being comfortable on a bike is the key to appreciating the whole experience, and this is where the RT stands way above the crowd.

The original R1200RT was a pioneer in this area, and this new bike pushes the limits, especially when it comes to aerodynamics, beyond anything I have ridden to date. The comfy adjustable-height seat, under-bum foot pegs and easy-to-reach grips place you in an ideal long-range riding position. From there, all you need is a little quiet and stability and you are in heaven.

This is where aerodynamics come into play. Check out the video to see how BMW engineers used technology to virtually eliminate turbulence behind the generous wind shield when riding alone on a country road, as well as behind a semi on a Freeway.

The RT was undoubtedly the most comfortable machine I have ever ridden, and this is without taking the dynamics into consideration – here is that side of the story!

A “smart” ride
Smart because of the happy engine configuration and every assiduous electronic rider aid. The boxer twin is naturally low, contributing to the low center of gravity of the bike, and making it easy to manoeuvre at very low speeds, like when taking it off the side stand or riding around town. At high speed, the mass centralisation of the compact engine-gearbox assembly helps the bike dive easily into corners and come out under power just when you want it, as well as flopping from side to side almost automatically. I could barely feel the weight of the rather impressive upper fairing, an issue on so many other bikes of this nature.

A good view of the various openings, winglets and layered bodywork that all work together to create calm and positive pressure behind the windscreen, and thus a turbulence-free environment for the rider and passenger. (Photo: Bernard Suquet)
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