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2009 Polaris IQ 800 Review (video)


by Pascal Bastien ,

Fans of high-performance snowmobiles have been eagerly waiting for it. Polaris is finally introducing the all-new IQ powered by the 800 HO Cleanfire. Adding this powerful 795-cc 2-stroke engine to the IQ family is big news, just like the launch of the IQ chassis last year.

Mighty engine
Since coming to market, the Cleanfire engines have never ceased to amaze us. The 800 HO is no exception; while boasting a ratio of nearly 200 hp per liter, it feels even more powerful than it actually is. In fact, this new mill generates 35 percent more mid-range power than the 700-cc unit and 20 percent more than the old 800 VES. With 154 horsepower on tap, it's quite simply the most potent 800-cc engine in the industry.

Cleanfire engines never cease to amaze us.

This powerplant offers a supreme riding feel and instant throttle response every time you accelerate. It's also incredibly smooth and produces virtually no vibrations compared to the majority of 2-stroke performance engines, thus improving ride comfort. Emphatic takeoffs and phenomenal accelerations on the fly are delivered no matter what the trail conditions are. God bless the excellent rear suspension and the Hacksaw track with one-inch studs, which combine to form a very effective duo.

Improved fuel economy
The 800 HO Cleanfire engine is also reasonably fuel-efficient in normal riding conditions. Like every other Cleanfire, this one features a very sophisticated electronic fuel injection system with four injectors: two on the upper transfer lights that control low-RPM operation, and two near the flap valves that control high-RPM operation. In addition, the biggest of all CFI engines delivers improved backshift for easier manual starts. Pure performance enthusiasts will be happy to know that the 2009 IQ 800 easily starts no matter what. Of course, an electric start system is optionally available.

The American manufacturer followed a trend last year by introducing an all-new chassis for sportier riding. The old Fusion lineup is replaced by the new IQ architecture, which has been brilliantly developed and proves to be very well executed. Maneuverability is surprisingly good for an engine that's as powerful as this one. The steering is both light and precise, while ski grip is well calibrated -- linear in straightaways and extremely responsive in corners. In fact, the skis seem to adjust to any type of terrain. Amazingly, the new IQ 800 even allows you to turn while in reverse, even on asphalt, which is almost unprecedented.

This sled delivers emphatic takeoffs and phenomenal accelerations.
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