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2009 PGO T-Rex B1 and E-Metro Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

After successful forays into the 50-cc and 125-cc segments, PGO is launching the E-Metro in an attempt to grab shares of the blooming electric scooter market. For 2009, the Taiwanese manufacturer is also offering a new, more generously-sized T-Rex driven by the brand's acclaimed and valiant 49-cc, 2-stroke engine.

Built on the same frame as the regular Metro, this new electric two-wheeler from PGO uses a pair of 500-watt motors producing about 6 horsepower (the equivalent to a 49-cc, 4-stroke engine). Said motors are mounted inside the front and rear hubs; in normal riding conditions, only the rear one is operating. The front motor merely steps in when added power is required, like accelerations and uphill climbs. This clever combination delivers a range of 80 kilometers at an average speed of 30 km/h.

The 2009 PGO E-Metro also features two lead-acid batteries offering a range of up to 52 kilometers at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Heavy yet powerful, these batteries provide the necessary power to ride in city traffic.

Good news: the E-Metro adds a patented technology that allows lead-acid batteries to be charged on the fly through a pair of lithium-ion batteries. When all the batteries run out, simply remove the lithium-ion units (which only weigh 5.4 kilos) and bring them in the house or garage for a full charge through any 110-volt power outlet. Don't forget to put them back in place before your next ride! Such procedure will appeal to riders living in apartments or those who don't have access to an outside wall outlet. What's more, the E-Metro has enough space to receive 6 additional lithium-ion batteries, in which case the available range will extend to 200 kilometers, again at an average speed of 30 km/h.

This 115-kilo green machine weighs 27 kilos more than the gasoline-powered Metro. A full road test will allow us to determine if the added weight over the front wheel negatively affects the scooter's steering and handling. Stay tuned.
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