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2009 Arctic Cat Prowler XTX 700 H1 EFI Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

Owners can customize their Prowler with a slew of dealer accessories, including soft and hard tops, a windshield, wipers, farm tools and hunting and fishing gear. And with front and rear hitches, you can also transform it into a true tool hauler.

It offers everything it should: versatility, toughness, power, comfort and a bulky, comment-inducing style.

Ready for the dirty work
The toughness of the frame and CVT transmission as well as the engine’s abundant torque allowed us to haul nearly 250 kg and tow 650 kg in difficult sandy and muddy conditions and to brilliantly tackle natural obstacles, a task that seemed impossible at first for a vehicle this big.

Thanks to the long-travel (254-mm), double A-arm independent suspension and 26 inch wide tires, the Prowler can pride itself on offering the most generous ground clearance of its class. It clears hurdles with such ease that it challenges you to find ever-trickier obstacles, to the delight of the off-road enthusiast.

The Prowler XTX 700’s rather stiff suspension ensures good carrying capacity and roll control despite the height of the machine. On bumpy trails, however, you have to reduce the pre-load adjustment to the minimum setting to avoid getting tossed around, especially when driving alone and without a load. While it’s bigger than its sport-oriented rivals, its stability in tight corners and on steep inclines is impressive for a non-sporty machine where the emphasis isn’t placed on aggressive driving.

The efficiency of the three brake discs (two up front and one on the rear differential’s transmission shaft) is also impressive, stopping the 552-kg brute as easily as a mid-size utility ATV, and almost without any effort the driver’s part. Speaking of effort, the manual steering system demands a rather big one at low speeds, especially when you feel like doubling back on a narrow trail. Odds are Arctic Cat has seen what its competitors are doing and will soon introduce power steering – like in 2010, say.

The suspension ensures good carrying capacity and roll control despite the height of the machine.
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